Thursday, 11 October 2007

Todays Meeting

Here is a summary of what we discussed at the meeting today.

Attending: Christina, Aminata, Josie, Asa, Eva and Jessica

Character Design
Pigeons - tattoos, cigars, 60's hairdos, feathers in shape of a collar.
Mother Owl - Big hair, glasses, chubby, boobs.
Little Owl - Messy hair, backpack, flares
Nocturnal animals - red fox, badgers, mice, rats, bats, cats.

Research - put the most relevant stuff up on the blog

Sounds - Christina to try some effects and music out. Research 60's happy song, ex by the Beatles or David Bowie.

Schedule - first draft agreed on. (does Ben and Dave think the schedule is ok?)

Script: Set in June/July, Little Owl to fly over Picadilly circus.
suggestions: Mini skirt, colors, funky things, Kites, Hyde Park, TV in shop window.

I've emailed this out aswell

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