Thursday, 31 January 2008

Meeting Tuesday 31st Jan 2008

Attending: Jessica, Eva, Christina

Done from last meeting:
Jessica: Continued tweaking Little Owl’s house and started environment around. Modelled and UV mapped sun roof terrace, little owl textures, modelled and UV mapped KFC, modelled and UV mapped random house. Modelled and UV mapped street assets. Tweaking props received.
Eva: Continued modelling robots, only one and half left. Spent learning time with Jamie on UV mapping. Completed February schedule.
Christina: Finished pigeon 2. Started Mother owl’s UV’s but am re-starting.

Progress with tasks at the moment:
Jessica: Modelling London environments and assets.
Dave: Rigging and weighting little owl.
Eva: Modelling robots.
Christina: UV mapping mother owl so that blendshapes can be done.
Ben: Modelling a Volkswagen van.

Tasks until next meeting Tuesday 5th Feb 2008:
Jessica: Continue modelling London exterior and props + UV map it.
Eva: Finished Robots and one or two kitchen props.
Christina: Mother owl UV’s. February schedule.

Robot 3!

So close to finishing all the robots, but because our dissertation drafts were due in on Tuesday, this has caused a delay in my modelling. Dissertation is a lot more intense than I thought.
However catching up soon as my modelling as picked up rapidly once I get back into the flow. I've also been spending some learning time with Jamie (technical lecturer) on UV mapping and texturing. I learnt lots of valuable tools and hoping to apply these very soon.
I've almost finished Robot 4 and will start on robot 5 hopefully tomorrow and as well as the other kitchen props. They hopefully should be a lot quicker, as they seem simpler than robots... but shall see.

I'm waiting for the owl to be rigged so i can start to practice my animation and get back into the animating flow (bit rusty) I will need to do some simple exercises in February back to basics of bouncing ball and walk cycles!! (AHH my nightmare of 2nd year, shall see how quick i can get back in and tackle that one!!)

Other than that I should be UV mapping and texturing in next coming month. so here is Robot 3


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Some Environmental modeling and Ben's car

Here is some street assets (which i also uv mapped), Little Owl's house, the sun terrace, KFC and a house. Ray UV-mapped the Owl-house itself and the staircase, I UV-mapped the tree. I also UV mapped the other houses. Ben's car is not UV mapped.

Here is Ben's car:

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Little Owl Textures and Blendshapes

This is what I now sent off to Dave for rigging. Hopefully it will work out all right!!

Monday, 21 January 2008

concept work

hey, i started doing color and texture tests for the owl portraits and they are up on my blog so u can check them there,

peace n luv,

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Mother Owl BlendShapes

Ok, so here's the Mother Owl Blendshapes done, I didn't do her ultra confused look because I don't exactly know when we'd use that in the animation, I'm just trying to save time for now and if it's needed we can come back to it. (Sorry I should have posted these up yesterday).

This is the nuetral facial expression.






So, what do you think?

Friday, 18 January 2008


so I've managed to finish off another robot, and another one almost soooo close to finished. Then I've still got another 2 to do and little owl's room should be done. Then I start on 8 more kitchen utilities....

I've also done a drawing test while at work. (I'm giving up my training hours at work to do uni work, naughty me!!)

swamped with tasks and in conjunction with dissertation draft due in end of month, so you won't be expecting major load of work as dissertation is quite heavy and full on this term. But Im working so many late nights now, I haven't had a good nights rest yet. Only less than 7 more months to go and I'll be able to sleep a bit.


Gangster Pigeon 1....done and dusted.

These are pictures of the final outcome of the Pigeon's Leader.

But the normals on the feet and back of the neck were a little odd so I asked Jessica to help me out, (hopefully she'll teach me what she did this week). This is what he looked like after her clean-up, the tiniest changes make the difference.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Jessicas Schedule and Group Schedule

Here is my schedule and a group one. they are continously updated.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

owl sketches from asa


here's some sketches for different types of owl's and birds that could be in picture frames on the walls, I just noticed that the colortest one is the old version, forgat to save the new one to my usb stick so I will put the newer version up tomorrow cos its nicer :)

peace n luv,

Monday, 14 January 2008


One robot down and 4 more to do!!! (they're quite tricky) more than just blocks!!


Friday, 11 January 2008

More Props for Little Owl

I have modelled more props for little owl's bedroom....

Eva's January schedule (rough)

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Christina's January Schedual!

It's crazy but true, it would be a huge success if my schedual goes according to plan.

Pigeon model sheets a-go-go!

Ok here are the model sheets, and I start modelling tonight! mwhahahaha!

Green or purple??

Meeting Thursday 10th Jan 2008

This is what People wrote down about themselves at the meeting. I wrote what Dave and me (Jessica) was doing.

Jessica, Eva, Christina

Done over the holidays:
Modelled Little Owl, his goggles and his backpack. Modelled exterior and interior on the treehouse. General touch up of assets. Fine-tuning and clean up of Mother owl. Texture tests on Little Owl, Mother Owl and Pigeons. Research in books and on the net for posters, graphics, clothes, KFC, postcards, welding goggles. Modelled egg chair. Expression sheet for little owl. Concept for little owl’s room, Colour test for dawn dusk and night.
Finished modelling mother owl. Final designs of pigeons. Research of Female and Male styles for leg designs. Expression sheet for mother owl.
Modelled props for Little Owl’s room and the kitchen. Concept. Animation reference.

Progress with tasks at the moment:
Jessica: Currently modelling the roof terrace. Going well.
Dave: making a collar for Little Owl so he can turn his head 360 degrees.
Christina: Modelsheets for pigeons. Modelling one pigeon, legs and bus.
Eva: Modelling props. Illustrations of the film (mood boards).

Tasks until next meeting Tuesday 15th Jan 2008:
Jessica: Model KFC restaurant, UV mapping and blendshapes for little owl.
Christina: One pigeon modelled. Bus modelled.
Eva: Two robots modelled, if not other kitchen props. One mood concept.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Retro Dining

I've modelled this cool retro Tv set and also the dining set. I've had a little difficulty trying to understand why on my dining set file if I want a side view of the model and I press "F" which is supposed to frame my selection closer that it displays nothing but Gray!! I've tried View>frame slection and View> Default home
and nothing works...... this should not happen, anyone know??? Perhaps it's a setting?

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Mother owl texture test

from Aminatas earlier tests and Little Owl's textures I've made this mother owl texture. comments?

Pigeon texture test

I made some texture tests for the pigeons. Thought it would be nice to have the accessories in green just like their collars. Give me your opinions!

Book research

Did some research in four diffrent books. This is what I found:

Monday, 7 January 2008

Graphic Research and KFC

Ive been researching images and found quite a lot. 60's film posters that could go on Little Owl's wall, or in London;

A wolkswagen ad and some really pretty images I think would look really good in little owls room, so we can see he wants to go to London. The "this is London" book I bought today on Amazon, its shipped from America so it will probably take a couple of weeks to arrive.
I found out that KFC opened their first restaurant 1964 in Britain. It was and still is located in Preston. I dont know when the first opened in London though.

A few of all the London postcards I found.