Wednesday, 24 October 2007

More 60's interiror Design!

I did like we talked about at the last meeting, put all the research together on a A3 so here's some stufff that I liked :)
The camers are British and made in the 60's. I ahvent been able to find any posters in big size or good resolution, no postcards from London from the 60's either I'm afraid. I added two children book covers, the Owl guy is a teenager now but maybe he still has some stuff in his room from when he was smaller? I don't know? If he is a teenager then maybe he read 60's cartoons? I will try and find some more "teeange" stuff.

It is quite a big difference between design in the begininn of the 60's and the ens of the 60's when stuff start going psychadelic and 70's are knockin on the door with hippies, peace, love and understanding. Are we sticking to the beginning of the 60's?

Peace n Luv,

Have a nice weekend everyone!!

PS I gat a new page for my journal as the last one was one my illustration blog:

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Jessica said...

I think we're going for mid-60's. lots of tall buildings in london such as center point which was completed 1964 and bt-tower (post office tower) 1965. x