Sunday, 7 October 2007

The story so far...

This is what I'd written to the pitch. Since we're refining the story during the next week feel free to tare the story apart and come up with new ideas!

Owl’s Day Out (working title)

Little owl sitting looking out by a window, longing for the day, the sky goes brighter and brighter, birds wake up and fly off, then mother owl comes in and tells little owl to go to bed. Little owl answers back but gets told off.

Next morning, same scene, this time he manages to stay up a little bit longer, when mother owl comes in he just storms off.

3rd morning little owl goes to bed. When the door is closed he opens his eyes, gets a welding protection from under his bed puts it on and jumps out of the window.

Little owl sees the sunrise, as he enjoys it he spots something shiny in the horizon, it turns out to be Canary Wharf in London. He decides to go and check it out.

He flies in over London and sees some people lying sunbathing on a roof top. Decides to try it out and dives down, lands next to the people but skips the sun lotion. He looks around at the people and his whole head spins around. (There is opportunities to play with the perspective since he’s really small compared to the world and the people around him).

Little owl goes and tries some fast food, KFC. He swallows the whole bucket in one go. Strolling around and all the time he is looking up into the sun enjoying it.

He buys an ice cream and sits down on the steps in Trafalgar Square. All of a sudden a gang of pigeons appears and beats him up, they throw him into the traffic, cars and buses go past almost running him over.

Sitting on the pavement recovering he flips up his welding protection and finds himself burnt red by the sun. He’s starting to cough and gets the whole wrapping of the KFC bucket back up. He looks miserable.

Little owl goes in to a souvenir shop and puts on hats and T-shirts to cover his burn. He sees a ‘London by night’ postcard, stops and stares at it. You can see his tree house and the moon fade up and down on it, triggers off he’s longing for home.

He sits down in a street corner with the postcard depressed. He falls asleep.

Ringing, Big Ben, its 6pm already and it’s getting dark. Owl is suddenly scared he won’t get home before his parents wake up. In the dusk he sees the silhouettes of the pigeons getting closer. Owl gets scared but when he sees the pigeons with their squinting eyes trying to see in the dark he realises that he’s got advantage over them, rips off his welding protection, flies up and kicks the pigeons in their behinds.

He leaves the pigeons without them understanding what’s just happened and heads for home, he flies fast through the city.

Back in the countryside he flies low over the fields and hedges. Other animals look up not realising what just went past. He high-fives the bats and makes a loop in the air in front of the moon, he’s home! He jumps into bed and pretends to sleep, when his mother comes in he open his eyes and winks at the camera.

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