Thursday, 18 October 2007

Meeting Thursday 18th October

Meeting Thursday 18th October

Attending: Asa, Josie, Aminata, Christina, Eva, Jessica.

Character descriptions:
We decided that little owl shall wear converse shoes and a rucksack. He shall have flares on his legs and messy hair, he also has feathers under his chin/beak.

Mother owl’s got a high hairdo with curls on the sides and non-integrated glasses.

The pigeon gang consists of:
- “God father pigeon”, a fat pigeon wearing a hat and smoking a cigar.
- Sidekick no 1, who is tall, lanky and with sharp shoulders.
- Sidekick no 2 who is butch with more muscles.

To do:
- Christina, Eva and Jessica are to give feedback on each others storyboards on Friday the 19th October. Then finalize storyboards for Monday 22nd October.
- Christina and Jessica to draw final characters of little owl and mother owl till Monday 22nd.
- All to develop the pigeons until Thursday the 25th October.
- Start on colour ideas as well as ideas for textures for all the characters you want, for Thursday 25th.
- Do more research on 60’s environments and do concept work for environments and assets, for Thursday 25th.

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