Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas Work Part 2 - Modelling Props [winter break]

I have been a little bit behind my Christmas Schedule, but I will catch up. I have modelled a fair bit. Done lots of lamps and some tweaking to do in some models as I'm not very good. So they are in review with Jessica at the moment.....
I'm now working on robots and the odd bit of furniture left.


Saturday, 15 December 2007

More Little Owl texture tests

What do you think?

Monday, 10 December 2007

Eva's Winter Schedule

Here's my winter schedule!!

Welding Goggles Research

Little Owl with and without shoes

Here is the finished Little owl model, One with goggles, one with feet and one with shoes.

Christmas Work Part 1 - Modelling Props [winter break]

Towards the end of the first semester I've finished modelling some props for "Owl's Day Out". Mainly for his bedroom or the interior of the house. Seeing as my modelling skills are very poor, I did my best. the egg chair was a tough challenge, I attempted it several times, and I couldn't finish it, so I passed it onto Jess to finish it. They are very 60's/70's. Here are some shots.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Jess's Christmas Schedule

Here is what I'll be doing and when. So you know i you want to get in touch! The red marks when I won't be working and the black is when I will be.

Egg Chair

I made the egg chair, it's ok, a few things that I'll change, especially with the footrest. Got it half done from Eva (it was a bit tricky) but I found it easier to start with a new file.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Little Owl Texture tests

what do you think?

Thursday, 6 December 2007

The reasons why I'm keeping two scenes that were discussed in

The reasons why I'm not changing the story.

I will stick to the "London by night" postcard. The option would be to have a tree pub sign, but a tree he could see anywhere in London. The post card is more fun and not so obvious. It's always been an unfunny postcard that makes people think, "What's the point?". Well, here is its point. It's also a bit more obscure than the Pub Sign, which just seems too convenient ie/ an obvious story driver.

I will keep the pigeon fight scene in. The whole story is based on role reversals. The KFC tastes good then he pukes it up, the sun is warm then he gets a sunburn, London is sweet then he gets beaten up. He needs to win over something, it can't be the KFC, it can't be the sun, and it has to be something he met earlier in the story, therefore the pigeons are the only option. He has to triumph over something that earlier beat him to learn that his strengths really are prevalent at night.

He needs to win at the end of the story. He has to go home with a smile on his face, yet racing against time. Without beating the pigeons he goes to London and runs home with his tail between his legs. With the final pigeon scene he learns about his strengths as well as his failings, thus the story is worthwhile.

No one would have made 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' if the story involved him having the idea of taking a day off, then everything went wrong, he had a rubbish day and then to top it off only just made it home in time. He has to risk everything, triumph at the end as a result of his skills (confidence for Ferris, genetic attributes for Owl), and vanquish his foe (headteacher or pigeons). Then the race home becomes a last bit of excitement to really round off the story.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Concept for Little Owl's room

Here is an image I made in Photoshop, it shows somewhat how I want Little Owl's room to look like. I'm still thinking of what things that relates to London I'm gonna put in.

Dawn, Dusk and Night Colours

Summer meadow in the outskirts of the city. Dawn with mist and cooler colours, dusk with the warmer scheme and a moonlit landscape.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Script v.4

I changed the script a while ago but did not put it on the blog until now, sorry.

Script, Owl’s day out. Rough time guide.

Scene 1 -45s
Int. In the tree house, Little Owl’s room - Dawn.
Present - Little Owl, mother owl.

Little owl sitting by the window looking out at the horizon, longing for the day, the sky goes brighter and brighter, birds wake up and fly off. Mother owl comes in and looks annoyed, points at the bed. Little owl tries to answer back but gets told off.
The following morning Little owl sits by the window looking out at the horizon, the sky goes brighter and brighter, birds wake up and fly off, he manages to see a sunbeam cutting through the sky. Mother owl comes in and looks annoyed, points at the bed. Little owl storms off.
3rd morning little owl is already in bed when mother owl peaks in to check on him. When the door is closed he opens his eyes, jumps out of bed, peaks through the curtains but realises that it’s too bright, he puts on his converse shoes and his backpack, gets a welding protection from under his bed, puts it on and jumps out of the window.

Scene 2 -14s
Ext. Woodlands, outside Little Owl’s house on a hill - sunrise
Present - Little Owl.

Little owl sitting on a branch just outside his window whilst the sun rises. He looks at the sun through his welding protection, a couple of bats are trying to sleep hanging off a branch close to him, they look at little owl and wonders what he’s doing out this early. Little owl turns his head to the left and sees a reflection of light in a distance, it is the BT-tower. He gets curious and doesn’t know whether he should go back homer or not, he looks back at his house, then back at the city in the distance, decides to flies off to go and check it out.

Scene 3 -20s
Ext. Above roof tops of London - morning
Present - Little owl, humans.

Little owl flies in over London, realises that it’s lots of things that reflects light here. He spots some people lying sunbathing on a roof terrace. Decides to try it out and dives down. He lands next to the people and a sun lotion bottle. He turns his head around 360 degrees to check what the people are doing. He peaks at the sun lotion bottle and shrugs his shoulder, he lies down on a pile of towels. Happy 60’s music starts playing (Beatles?)

Scene 4a -6s
Ext. Street outside KFC - daytime
Present - Little owl, human legs.

Little owl standing on the street outside a KFC fast food shop. In his hands is a KFC bucket, he swallows the whole bucket in one go. He looks happily up into the sun whilst the camera spins around him.

Scene 4b 5s
Ext Bus driving on road – daytime
Present – Little owl.

Little owl standing at the back of an old bus holding on to the pole, leaning out, wind making his hair-feathers move, he smiles.

Scene 5 -30s
Ext. Trafalgar Square, rush hour road - daytime
Present - Little owl, pigeons.

Little Owl sitting smiling, holding an ice cream on the steps in Trafalgar Square. Suddenly a shadow shades him. It’s a gang of pigeons. They rip of his welding protection and throw away his ice cream, then they pull him away and beats him up, they throw him into the traffic, cars and buses go past almost running him over. He manages to get to the side of the road, falls down in a sitting position on the pavement. He’s starting to cough and gets the whole wrapping of the KFC bucket back up. He looks miserable. A sizzling sound makes clear that he is burnt red by the sun.

Scene 6 -9s
Ext. Card racks outside souvenir shop, street corner - afternoon
Present - Little owl.

Little owl walking on the pavement, dragging his feet behind. He walks past a postcard stand with a completely black ‘London by night’ postcard, he stops and stares at it. Looking closer at the postcard little owl can see his tree house and the moon fade up and down. It triggers off he’s longing for home. He sits down in a street corner with the postcard depressed. He falls asleep.

Scene 7 -28s
Ext. Street corner, Big Ben - evening
Present - Little owl, pigeons.

Ringing, a close up of Big Ben, its 9 pm already and it’s getting dark. You can see mother owl’s angry posture in the clock. Owl is suddenly scared he won’t get home before his mother wake up. In the dusk he sees the silhouettes of the pigeons getting closer. Owl gets scared and curls up in the corner, but when the pigeons get closer you can see that they’re eyes are squinting, they can’t see very well in the dark. Little owl realises that he’s got advantage over them, he flies up and kicks the pigeons in their behinds. Little owl leaves the pigeons without them understanding what’s just happened and heads for home, he flies fast through the city.

Scene 8 -45s
Ext. Forest near owl’s home - dusk
Present - Little owl, miscellanies nocturnal animals.

Back in the countryside he flies low over the fields and hedges. Other animals look up not realising what just went past. He high-fives the bats and makes a loop in the air in front of the moon, he’s home! He’s racing towards his tree house, mother owl is awake and on the way to little owls room! He flies in through his window straight into his bed and pretends to sleep, his mother owl comes in he open his eyes and winks at the camera.

Total 202 sec = 3m 22s

Music Research

I did research on 60’s bands and listened to their music on ITunes store. The bands I liked where; The Kinks, The Who, Herman’s Hermits, Peter and Gordon and Manfred Mann. But maybe we’ll go for something like Beatles? I’m not sure if I want a song that is so well known as the Beatles songs but maybe it will fit in great. what do you think?

Picadilly Circus in the 60's

Here is an image I took from "Austin powers - The spy who shagged me" It shows Picadilly Circus in color! It will be a pleasure to model.

Friday, 23 November 2007

New Pigeons from asa

hello hello, I imagine the pigeons a bit comic or should they be straight scary? should I draw the wings as well or? And what did u think about the old drawings I did when his wings were a bit as a jacket/"kavaj" ( swedish sorry ), to mafia right?
I looked at your research and will add more as soon as I get time. The more fedback the better I can do.

peace n luv,

Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Italian Job (1969) - Research

I bought The Italian Job with Michael Caine as reserarch for the pigeon characters. Here is what I thought were the good bits:

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Little Owl Model

I made Little Owl for the blockout, he still needs a lot of work but this took me 10h.

Friday, 16 November 2007

Little Owl Final Modelsheet

bedroom designs

So it has been the inevitable, the essay's have been taking some of my time this week, putting on hold the bedroom work. I have not been able to have access to PhotoShop this week therefore i couldn't apply the colours to the owl's bedroom digitally, neither do I have the tools. I have to admit I do feel really ashamed in letting the group down this week due to my absence. However I will get the work done one way or another, and will be in time for the Summative as we are assessed. I don't think we should panic at all on our group film, as far as I know we're still quite on track.
I will be working on Owl's bedroom week coming. ^__^


Hey everyone!

I have told Jessica that I will not be able to help out with concept or research any more as I have to go and try to save my film and my group is a bit behind on the schedule. Will join u again next term if I can. But, about music, I gat loads and loads of Beatles tracks so if you are interested in that juts let me know and I'll pass u a cd :)

peace n luv,

Monday, 12 November 2007

Meeting Friday 9th November

Attending, work shown, task until next meeting which is Thursday 15th Nov

Christina – Pigeon designs, wings on little owl. - Try out darker colours on beak on little owl. On pigeons try out stubble, rings, Michael Kaine style hair, polo necks. Slow down animatic scenes, put them in the final animatic.

Eva – Colour from Valiant, Colour Treehouse. - Move things around in the interior design. Try out sound effects.

Jessica – Treehouse designs, Little Owl designs, New colour sheet for little owls room – To make modelsheet for little owl, finish schedule, write final draft for script.

What needs to be done for next meeting Thursday 15th Nov:

Blockout Layout scenes (Jes)
Script Writing (Jes)

Tasks to do:

Concept/Designing interior treehouse (Jes, Eva)
Concept/Designing London Exterior (Jes, Eva, Christina)
Concept/Designing Countryside (Jes, Eva, Aminata)
Concept Colour Charts (Jes)
Model Exterior treehouse (Jes)
Sound Rough soundtrack (Eva, Chris, Jes)
Character Design Pigeons (Asa, Chris, Jes)
Model Little owl (Christina)
Model Mother Owl (Christina)
Model Props for Treehouse Interior (Eva)
Model Props for London Exterior (Eva)
London Bus (Christina)
Legs (Christina)

New Schedule

I made a daily schedule. If you want to change anything please tell me! Everything is not on the schedule yet, there will be more to do over christmas :-) /Jes

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Tree-house colour

I've spent the whole day colouring this in, i kind of went the long way round of doing this as I'm trying to find more techniques of colouring in flash.....bedroom colours next...

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Colour Mood Board Research - valiant

Jess has kindly bought "Valiant" on DVD and lent it to me, I watched the movie and went through some of the main environments that we could use. The London scenes are very good and also the countryside and hills. There is still yet a lot to go through in the film, as it is a very good reference for our pigeons concept and idea.... As an animator, I can study flying sequences and how birds fly. Though owl's fly slightly differently in terms of their body weight.
I have here some screen shots I thought might be useful. I have made a colour mood board out of them.


Some rough sketchs of London Piccadilly


Its been a while since I posted anything up on this blogg :S!!

Well after looking through Jessica's london environment moodboards I've done some sketches of the environmet for London: Piccadilly. Its not completed but I just wanted to show an idea of what London could look like in your animation.

For the time being I've only sketched the where the red-circled area
of the photograph below:

Here's some of the early sketches (hope you can see it!):

This is the coloured version I did on Photoshop (not completed! - need to do the other half which is on a different page!)

Hope this was useful - see you all on Friday,

Colours for Little Owl

here are some colours I've been playing around with for Little Owl. I prefer the one on the bottom left hand corner, the colours compliment eachother more.


More Little Owls

I did a few more little owl's tiny differences again. I tried to make him look more like a teenager with making him a bit taller and a bit slimmer. Do u like any of them? (I think I prefer no 5..but maybe 7?)

Here's the GIF! Just click on it to see Little Owl open his Wings!

little owl's a little different!

Hey all, I've gone over Jess' design of little owl, modified him a bit, made him a little chubbier, his leg feathers flare out abit more, plus! I did some thinking as to how he would open his wings to fly and then go back to the hands, so I made the finger tips a bit more square and made a gif in flash to demonstrate how this with change...but unfortunatley won't let me show it, so you'll have to wait till Friday.


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Treehouses v.2, Little Owl's room color cart v.2, Little Owl character sheet

It was a lot of orange and brown colours in the 60's so I put together another color chart for little owl's room. I found a lot of veneer furniture.

I made a few colour samples on the treehouse. Which house do you prefer?

I also made a few changes to the little owl character, do you like any of them? in that case which version do you like?

Monday, 5 November 2007

House Concept

Here's three quick design. no fancy shadows or so yet. It's just to get a feeling of the shape of the house itself. I've stuck to the round window. What do you think?

Friday, 2 November 2007

Crikey Mate!! Animatic scene 4 [Owl's Day out]

I've finally done Scene 4, it's quite fast so we'll slow things down on Monday. Now I've got to produce a lot of drawings for "Day that I Died" film..... slightly delayed, but I promise I'll get it to her by tonight!! I still got time....

Animatic Scene 4 [Owl's Day out] from redlittlepill on Vimeo.


new pigeons from asa

version 8

version 7

version 6

version 5

version 4

version 3

version 2

version 1

..more on its way! Sorry for takin lots of space, gat to much to do to make nice a3 sheets :)

i know thats not the kind of hat u guys wanted but i am really shit on drawing hats )

peace n luv,
PS I am not allowed to change the link but maye u can Jess, its