Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Robot 3 Textured!! - Final!!

Yes!! I've finally finished texturing... I'm about 3 days late animating, but it's all good. I'll catch up and will have produced tests by Friday 7th March....

I've also spent a little time modelling a prop for Asa's film "Day that I Died" It's a hospital Trapeze used to help get the disabled out of bed. so I'll bet Asa will be happy to complete a bit more of her hospital set.

Soo HAPPY I can finally start animating... *tear in my eye.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Robot 1 Textured

I have now finished texturing robot 1, and I have done two different texture styles for them.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

The cuter version

Jess thought that my bat was a bit too evil looking hahaha, well we hadn't really determined what his personality was like so I just did what a bat would look like cartoony. Anyway, she stretched out his mouth a bit and made his face chubbier along with making the eyes a bit more subtle, I like it :)

Bat Man!

He's not amazing, but he only has to be in the film for a few seconds so I made him 2000 polys AND in one day (hold the applaus please :) - haha I'm kidding) the only thing I can't do as always is the dang eyeballs! so I've handed him over to Jess to see if she can do it, otherwise I'll just re-arrange the face.

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Meeting the 20th February 3pm

Attending: Jessica and Christina.

Progress and tasks to do until formative 6th March:

Christina working on the bat, finishing modeling him tonight (20th), after that UV mapping pigeons and then blendshapes. Starting animating scene 3 on Monday the 25th. (create playblast of what animation has been done till the 5th March)

Jessica laying out scene 3, 2 and 6. Starting to animate scene 2 on Monday the 25th. Finish weighting mother owl. (create playblast of what animation has been done till the 5th March)

Eva to create textures for 2 robots. Start animating scene 6 on Monday the 25th. (create playblast of what animation has been done till the 5th March)

Jessica has made a new schedule. Ben is to put car models up on the public server in college for the 26th Feb. Dave to finish fixing little owl at the latest 24th Feb. Sam might help with rigging pigeons. Asa might help with animation.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Retro TV!!

Yess last texture!!! The Retro TV, one of my favourites .....
I said I may do 2 Robots since I spent a long time on them, though I think I might actually now start on animating!! it's about time to otherwise we're going to run out of time for rendering!


Friday, 15 February 2008

Pigeon 3 done but not OK-ed just yet.

OK, so this is pigeon no.3 done and dusted, I couldn't make his hair curly like I wanted but I figured we could just put a nice curly texture on him instead and bump map it to save on polys and time.

I know it's been awhile but I've been working more on my dissertation since the due date is drawing ever closer (ahhh!), plus I've been sorting out moving house for the 1st March (wish me luck).

For doing this in 1 day I thought it was pretty good catching up. He hasn't got the thumbs up from Jess yet though.

Oh and he's 4000 polys without the eyes, just couldn't upload that image.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

More UV and Texturing

I've done two more props and it has been quite the experience. I notice strange things sometimes when you forget to delete the alpha channel in PhotoShop and try and apply the texture in Maya. It will think that it is trying to do an alpha and when it comes to the Maya port view it looks transparent, however upon rendering it looks fine. So I took out the unnecessary alpha out. I'm also sticking with jpeg format now to be on the safe side, as we're not doing an HD movie!

I'm really proud of my record player, it looks funky!!


UV Mapping & Texturing

UV Mapping is a really long and tedious, probably one of the most boring jobs in world of 3D!! Texturing isn't so bad, because I do enjoy PhotoShop very much. I've had some difficulty understanding UV Mapping, so it's taken me some time. Also I'm only texturing things that are needed and essential, as most of the props won't be seen up close in the camera shots. Solid colours are pretty much applied with a lambert or blinn and adjusting some attributes for them. It works pretty well, and also I found that if the solid colours are not essential to texture I will have run out of space on the UV editor to fit everything in. So use the space wisely.

So here is my first prop I have UV Mapped and textured
and thanks to Rey also with a bit of help and advice. Also I found that it's rather difficult to make chrome in Maya as texture..... But thanks tot he internet these days a tutorial goes a long way, and there are lots of ways and combinations to create chrome, I just went the easy way and used a phong material and adjusted some settings.


Friday, 8 February 2008

FINISHED models!!

Yess I have finished modelling all the props assigned to me on "Owl's Day Out" not a bad prediction according to my schedule I made, and ahead of schedule to the meeting that I said I would finish next week Thursday. So now I have the time to learn texturing and also Little Owl is Rigged, so I can now start practice animating, BUT not just yet!

I haven't touched my dissertation in a week so I must do fair-do's of catch up and also create myself a new set of questions ready for interviewing the studios about my thesis. OR I might do a focus group! But that doesn't exactly answer some stuff on my paper.

Ok texturing....here I come bring it on!! sooo badly itching to animate (I'll produce a few tests if I have time this weekend)

Thursday, 7 February 2008


Here is one more house... went in to London and took loads of texture photos today! fixed and made some more of Mother owl's blendshapes as well from the file that I got from Christina (a bit late ;P tonight) got to have her finished for tomorrow when Dave and me are rigging her! Soon we can start the animation...

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Freeze the Robot 5 and Scale

Finally finished ALL of the Robots WoOoOOoo!! and I've started modelling some kitchen utilities, and first one finished is the fridge and second kitchen scales. Only a few more to go and then I can start texturing. GO! meee!! I'm on a roll Jess has kindly helped me out by modelling 3 kitchen props to speed up the process. Yes I know my modelling isn't the greatest, but the good thing is that I've gained experience and it's something to add to my portfolio.

As we are so close to animating, I want to focus more on that than any other things. Animating is my forte and it shall be my specialist skill! I enjoy it, though not very strong at it....Yet!! Watch out though this year, I'm determined as ever!
I've learnt a lot of new techniques and I want to start practicing as soon as these darn props are done! Also dissertation is up in the air a bit, I need to start coming up with some new questions for my interviews with studios.


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Some Models and todays meeting

Today we had a online meeting at 12 noon with me Christina and Eva. It was decided that:

Eva - send the last robot tonight. Finish fridge, kettle, scales, tap, toast and plate for Thursday the 14th Feb. Texture bed lamp, record player, desktop lamp and retro TV.

Christina - to finish mother owl blendshapes for tomorrow (Wednesday) by 6pm. Model bat (squeeze in schedule between Pigeon 3 and the bus).

Jessica: to model an UV map some of Eva's assets; phone, toast, juice press and can opener (done see below).

Little Owl I will receive rigged on Thursday, I will then also sit down with Dave and rig mother owl.

Monday, 4 February 2008

More houses

Here are some more houses I've modeled and UV-mapped today..corner ones so far from Carnaby street.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Christina's February Schedual

Here it is, as you can see I'm devoting a lot more time to my dissertation since it's due in next month and I'm quite behind.

Here's Pigeon 2!

Here's my 2nd pigeon done, I'm still waiting for the OK from Jes, but here you go...

and here's the wireframe...

Robot 4

Finally Robot 4 finished, Johnny number 5 will be coming up real soon!


Eva's February Schedule!

Here is my Personal preliminary February Schedule!!