Friday, 12 October 2007

Research London in the 60's and Pigeons

Research on London in the 60's! Been looking around all day and I've found loads, I'm putting up a few of the images I've found, they are great and from the right timeperiod! too bad there's only in black and white, we'll have to guess the colors on signs... I'm going to try and find a book about old billboards and signs.

Trafalgar Square;
The two under here are just for getting the mood of the day before everything goes wrong:

Carnaby street 1966 Underwear shoot. The boys to the right reminds me of Little Owl.
Carnaby Street, a couple outside a shop called "Mates" Unique in selling clothes for both sexes. 1966.
The image under here is from 1953 but it's on a rooftop in picadilly circus so great refence to buildings and mood..

Trafalgar Sq

Pigeons...One poor one subject for experiments back in 1962. I like his look though..

These ones are actually getting it on but I think it looks like they're fighting...



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