Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Pigeons again :)

Here's the pigeon's again but I'm trying to narrow down on their designs.
  • There's the godfather pigeon at the bottom, I like that he's going to be one of those randomly fat pigeons that you catch sometimes in London, I've also added some accessories to establish that he's different from the others, hopefully people will see the connection to the stereo-type and know that he is the boss.
  • The muscle on the left is the less-talk more-action type, the glasses I've given him was to kind of add that whole bad-boy personality and the feathers are tuffed up around his colar to kind of match when kids put their colars up in school.
  • The lanky but square shouldered one on the right is meant to represent that kind of chatty gangster that won't shut up, laughs at everything the boss says and is quite annoying, I got the shoulder's off Asa's initial designs making it look like the pigeon is wearing a suit with very huge shoulder pads.
I got quite a bit of positive feed back from these designs, hopefulyl we'll move onto the final designs for them soon.

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