Thursday, 31 January 2008

Robot 3!

So close to finishing all the robots, but because our dissertation drafts were due in on Tuesday, this has caused a delay in my modelling. Dissertation is a lot more intense than I thought.
However catching up soon as my modelling as picked up rapidly once I get back into the flow. I've also been spending some learning time with Jamie (technical lecturer) on UV mapping and texturing. I learnt lots of valuable tools and hoping to apply these very soon.
I've almost finished Robot 4 and will start on robot 5 hopefully tomorrow and as well as the other kitchen props. They hopefully should be a lot quicker, as they seem simpler than robots... but shall see.

I'm waiting for the owl to be rigged so i can start to practice my animation and get back into the animating flow (bit rusty) I will need to do some simple exercises in February back to basics of bouncing ball and walk cycles!! (AHH my nightmare of 2nd year, shall see how quick i can get back in and tackle that one!!)

Other than that I should be UV mapping and texturing in next coming month. so here is Robot 3


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