Friday, 4 January 2008

Christmas Work Part 3 - Modelling Props [winter break]

**HAPPY NEW YEAR to you ALL!!**

Reading: The Day of The Triffids - John Wyndham & Breaking Vegas, Ben Mezrich
Music: Destroy Rock 'n' Roll - Mylo
TV: Black Lagoon

Turns out that after battling with the flu and cold for almost 3 weeks that during my 3rd week of winter break I had bronchitis which is an infection with my lungs. Hmm must be that dodgy London weather or the air conditioning at work.. who knows....Doctors heavily sedated me for about a week, I was out cold for 2/3 days in bed.

So I've tried really hard to try and catch up. I don't think I'll be able to make all the deadlines.

Tasks left to to:

Dissertation research
Create a solid statement
PPD self analysis
5 robots (I save the best till last) will be challenging but fun to do
Finish remaining concept for "Day that I Died"
Research 60/70's posters/books

hmmm I think my writing part will be ok, once I have enough and all the research I need I can write like mad and let the magic happen.

I've got through two books this winter break too and now reading 2 other new one's.

Status: Currently working on concept for "Day that I Died" I need a break from modelling a bit. Here are some more other models I did for "Owl's Day Out" I can't wait to see the arrangement of the bedroom with all the cool props.

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