Thursday, 10 January 2008

Meeting Thursday 10th Jan 2008

This is what People wrote down about themselves at the meeting. I wrote what Dave and me (Jessica) was doing.

Jessica, Eva, Christina

Done over the holidays:
Modelled Little Owl, his goggles and his backpack. Modelled exterior and interior on the treehouse. General touch up of assets. Fine-tuning and clean up of Mother owl. Texture tests on Little Owl, Mother Owl and Pigeons. Research in books and on the net for posters, graphics, clothes, KFC, postcards, welding goggles. Modelled egg chair. Expression sheet for little owl. Concept for little owl’s room, Colour test for dawn dusk and night.
Finished modelling mother owl. Final designs of pigeons. Research of Female and Male styles for leg designs. Expression sheet for mother owl.
Modelled props for Little Owl’s room and the kitchen. Concept. Animation reference.

Progress with tasks at the moment:
Jessica: Currently modelling the roof terrace. Going well.
Dave: making a collar for Little Owl so he can turn his head 360 degrees.
Christina: Modelsheets for pigeons. Modelling one pigeon, legs and bus.
Eva: Modelling props. Illustrations of the film (mood boards).

Tasks until next meeting Tuesday 15th Jan 2008:
Jessica: Model KFC restaurant, UV mapping and blendshapes for little owl.
Christina: One pigeon modelled. Bus modelled.
Eva: Two robots modelled, if not other kitchen props. One mood concept.

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