Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Retro Dining

I've modelled this cool retro Tv set and also the dining set. I've had a little difficulty trying to understand why on my dining set file if I want a side view of the model and I press "F" which is supposed to frame my selection closer that it displays nothing but Gray!! I've tried View>frame slection and View> Default home
and nothing works...... this should not happen, anyone know??? Perhaps it's a setting?


Jessica said...

looking great eva!!

Jessica said...

when i got your dining set file it was behaving as weirdly as you said. i deleted everything that wasnt needed in the outliner, that worked first but then it started going wrong again so in the hypergraph i saw that it was a weird shading group attached to the chairs so i assigned the initial shading group to the chairs and then deleted the weird one and it all works fine!