Tuesday, 15 January 2008

owl sketches from asa


here's some sketches for different types of owl's and birds that could be in picture frames on the walls, I just noticed that the colortest one is the old version, forgat to save the new one to my usb stick so I will put the newer version up tomorrow cos its nicer :)

peace n luv,


Jessica said...

heya! I particularly like 4,5,8,9,10,11. but its really hard cause they all are so different and got their own characteristics! lovely asa!! cheers bigears!!

Asas Jornal said...

ah, glad u liked them!

Do u want them to look more like owls? I played around with different head shapes know but maybe u want them all a bit rounder or is it okej to flip out like i did?

Let me know if u want me to do anything more with them, color test or changes. They are nicer and look more alive with shadows as well :)

peace n luv,