Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Treehouses v.2, Little Owl's room color cart v.2, Little Owl character sheet

It was a lot of orange and brown colours in the 60's so I put together another color chart for little owl's room. I found a lot of veneer furniture.

I made a few colour samples on the treehouse. Which house do you prefer?

I also made a few changes to the little owl character, do you like any of them? in that case which version do you like?

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Eva Ng said...

I still like the tree house with the dark maroon color, becuase it catches your eye, and it may be difficult to work with during the night scene but it should be ok. Seeing as it is a night scene i think it may be ok as all you really need is the lights from the house to be a bit illuminus, and it stand out from the main scene of the shot.