Monday, 12 November 2007

Meeting Friday 9th November

Attending, work shown, task until next meeting which is Thursday 15th Nov

Christina – Pigeon designs, wings on little owl. - Try out darker colours on beak on little owl. On pigeons try out stubble, rings, Michael Kaine style hair, polo necks. Slow down animatic scenes, put them in the final animatic.

Eva – Colour from Valiant, Colour Treehouse. - Move things around in the interior design. Try out sound effects.

Jessica – Treehouse designs, Little Owl designs, New colour sheet for little owls room – To make modelsheet for little owl, finish schedule, write final draft for script.

What needs to be done for next meeting Thursday 15th Nov:

Blockout Layout scenes (Jes)
Script Writing (Jes)

Tasks to do:

Concept/Designing interior treehouse (Jes, Eva)
Concept/Designing London Exterior (Jes, Eva, Christina)
Concept/Designing Countryside (Jes, Eva, Aminata)
Concept Colour Charts (Jes)
Model Exterior treehouse (Jes)
Sound Rough soundtrack (Eva, Chris, Jes)
Character Design Pigeons (Asa, Chris, Jes)
Model Little owl (Christina)
Model Mother Owl (Christina)
Model Props for Treehouse Interior (Eva)
Model Props for London Exterior (Eva)
London Bus (Christina)
Legs (Christina)

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