Friday, 16 November 2007


Hey everyone!

I have told Jessica that I will not be able to help out with concept or research any more as I have to go and try to save my film and my group is a bit behind on the schedule. Will join u again next term if I can. But, about music, I gat loads and loads of Beatles tracks so if you are interested in that juts let me know and I'll pass u a cd :)

peace n luv,


Jessica said...

Thanks Asa but i got loads of them too! think were gonna go for something not so well known.. if u know anything?x

Åsa said...

yes I was thinking about that to cos its a bit boring using to well known stuff, how many different tracks do u plan to use? One for fighting the pigeons, one for flying in over london or? Do u have like a plan of what music and moods u need and for what acts?

All the stuff I have is very famous, Beatles, The Doors, Jimi H etc but..hmm..let me know what u're looking for. I dont have any music editing softwares but if i do then i actually can cut and edit music and put stuff together, done that with my own track, cut out the base and etc, made breaks etc

peace n luv,