Wednesday, 13 February 2008

UV Mapping & Texturing

UV Mapping is a really long and tedious, probably one of the most boring jobs in world of 3D!! Texturing isn't so bad, because I do enjoy PhotoShop very much. I've had some difficulty understanding UV Mapping, so it's taken me some time. Also I'm only texturing things that are needed and essential, as most of the props won't be seen up close in the camera shots. Solid colours are pretty much applied with a lambert or blinn and adjusting some attributes for them. It works pretty well, and also I found that if the solid colours are not essential to texture I will have run out of space on the UV editor to fit everything in. So use the space wisely.

So here is my first prop I have UV Mapped and textured
and thanks to Rey also with a bit of help and advice. Also I found that it's rather difficult to make chrome in Maya as texture..... But thanks tot he internet these days a tutorial goes a long way, and there are lots of ways and combinations to create chrome, I just went the easy way and used a phong material and adjusted some settings.


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