Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Freeze the Robot 5 and Scale

Finally finished ALL of the Robots WoOoOOoo!! and I've started modelling some kitchen utilities, and first one finished is the fridge and second kitchen scales. Only a few more to go and then I can start texturing. GO! meee!! I'm on a roll Jess has kindly helped me out by modelling 3 kitchen props to speed up the process. Yes I know my modelling isn't the greatest, but the good thing is that I've gained experience and it's something to add to my portfolio.

As we are so close to animating, I want to focus more on that than any other things. Animating is my forte and it shall be my specialist skill! I enjoy it, though not very strong at it....Yet!! Watch out though this year, I'm determined as ever!
I've learnt a lot of new techniques and I want to start practicing as soon as these darn props are done! Also dissertation is up in the air a bit, I need to start coming up with some new questions for my interviews with studios.


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