Tuesday, 29 April 2008


So after showing Mike, he too thought I as progressing. All of my friends after showing before and after thought I'd progressed, particularly Jessica. Which I am very pleased as it's Jess' film I need to be able to animate well enough to get a great film out.

Here are version 2 of the previous, with the suggested re-touches from Mike and Jess. I can see it's moving a lot more fluid, perhaps I can lay with timing now.

Here's the walk

The same walk with goggles (almost spelt google ha ha!!)

Here is the run

I'm re-working scene 6 again, but I'm having problems now making the cycle move forward, as he is at an angle it's difficult to get him moving just straight and at an angle...it's cos' I can't just stick in a consistent number to keep him straight. any help and tips?? I can show you on thursday when we next meet up as a group. Also possibly ask Dan if he might know a way to tackle it.

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